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“Quite right. Makes being happy so impossible.”

Everyone is born with a unique set of talents. Take as much time as you
need to figure out what yours are because they’re the most valuable
tools you’ll have for the rest of your life.

Mao is dead, and so is his China.

I find in general people have very little understanding of who they are

…And learn how to forgive.

If I let the things people say about me get under my skin, I wouldn’t be
able to leave my own home.

but the monarchy should shine

Stand up to authority.


“I think i will never get married”

It’s just as important to network with as many people as you possibly
can. You can’t have 10,000 best friends, but in today’s digital
keep you motivated, tell you jokes, and help you with the odd problem
you’re having are not that hard to come by.


I can’t help it if they want to write about me

Unless you truly want to remain in obscurity, don’t be shy when you do
something worth mentioning. If you create something amazing, stand up
and claim it.

We both respect self-interests above all else, You may have all the
money, but I have all the men with guns.

which allows others to shine

Cheat ethically.



Use your persuasive powers to make the world a better place to live for
everyone. It takes the same amount of effort to do something good as it
does to do something evil, so you may as well work to make things


Why do you care about family.

Life is simple, but living remarkably is not nearly as easy as all of
the“5 Ways to be Successful”articles on the internet make it out to
be. In fact, it’s quite hard and there is no guide you can follow, so
you’re going to have to make your own.

Do you think I’m a hypocrite? Well, you should. I wouldn’t disagree with
you. The road to power is paved with hypocrisy, and casualties. Never

Because they are family.

…But fix what needs improving.


Look I’m strong. and i CAN cope with the truth. i just demand to know
that truth. its when people don’t tell me the truth that i can’t bear

…But laugh at them, too.


Bullied children are scarred for life and scarred children make
destroyed adults.

Winning is hard work and you deserve to enjoy it when it happens. Spare
no expense in time or money because you never know when you’ll get to
again. Take pride in your achievement and show people how good it feels
to be on top.

Every trip reminder of how far I’ve come

S2: E1 Misadventure

Not everyone will hold the same values that you do. Not everyone will
work to make their own world a better place to live in. Some people will
ignore their duty to others and some will actually try to make it worse.

For those of us climbing to the top of the food chain, there can be no
mercy. There is but one rule, hunt or be hunted.

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Read a book,sing a
Whatever you do, never stop working to learn more.

There is a first time for everything.

Do you know I’ve been queen barely ten years, and in that time, I’ve had
three prime ministers. all of them ambitious men, clever men, brilliant
men, not one has lasted the course. They’ve either been too old, too ill
or too weak. a confederacy of elected quitters.

Take pride in your abilities, and always use your powers for good
instead of evil. Someday, you’ll be remembered for what you did with

There is no solace above or below, only us…Small, solitary, striving,
battling one another,

we couldn’t be the first

If you want people to pay attention to you, then dress well and speak
like you know what you’re talking about.  There’s a reason we pay more
attention to people in expensive clothes. It’s the easiest way to tell
that someone cares about his or herself.

The heart can choke the mind when all its blood flows back unto

well, at least i give them something. You give them nothing

I don’t claim to be extraordinary myself. In fact, I’m pretty sure that
doing so is an immediate disqualification. But, I can say that every day
I try and hopefully get a little bit closer.


A man must stepped the unknown. There, only there in the annihilation of
hate and anger, and ego, is our salvation.

Let people know how you can help them, and you’ll attract plenty of good
company to make life just a little bit better.


instability and drama

Don’t pay attention to their heckling because if you do, eventually
you’ll end up just like them.



Just because we’ve always done it this way doesn’t mean that we’re doing
it right. It’s your responsibility to notice when something can be
changed for the better and it’s also your responsibility to make it

It only takes ten seconds to crush a man’s ambitions, I need to take
care that I protect mine.

The monarchy, yes, not the mornach.

…And give credit where it’s due.

I can’t take back the bad I done, all I can do is to make my own way,
like I’ve being doing. Ain’t pride.

Emptiness. Blank page.

So that’s what I try to do. I don’t always succeed; in fact I fail quite
a lot. Yet, I’ve never been upset that I tried. Here are 30 ideas I’ve
used, all with varying degrees of success. I hope that they can help you
in your journey to lead your own remarkable life.

Humility is their form of pride, it is their strength, it is their
weakness. And if you can humble yourself before them, they will do
anything you ask.

S2:E10 mystery man

…But always strive for more.



When you feel like you have something to say, wait. Ask yourself if
you’ve taken the time to hear what’s been said to you. By understanding
others, you’ll be far better suited to help them understand you once
it’s your turn.

After all, we are nothing more or less than what we choose to reveal.

Margaret, you have freedom

Spend your time working on something timeless. Create things that people
can enjoy for eternity.

two sisters who envy one another

Life is meant to be enjoyed, but it’s also meant to be worked for.
Allowing yourself to be lazy is pleasing now, but in the long run you’ll
pay for it. If you ever get the idea to try something new, try it. If
you want to make something, make it. If you want to change something,
change it. If you don’t, you’ll eventually regret it.

All you have to do is enjoy

Be thankful every day for what you have because tomorrow it could be
gone. No matter how little you own, remember that there is always
someone with less. Always make the best of your situation and find
gratitude not just for the things you have, but the things you’ve

well it will help if you don’t give them what they crave

Find gratitude for what you have…

You married a wild spirit. We both did. Trying to tame them is no use.
Of course i thought of ending it. And then I imagined how thin and poor
life would be. I realize when you really adore someone as fully and as
hopelessly as i think you and i do, you put up with anything.

Pick somewhere you’ve never been and make a plan to go there. Don’t
think to hard about it. Don’t try to pick the perfect place. You’ll have
more opportunities to go elsewhere once you get started and frequent
abundant. If you need to save, then save. If you need to plan, then
plan. But, by all means, go.

S2:E9 Paterfamilias

Nobody gets through life without making mistakes. If you’re lucky,
you’ll only make a few big ones and many small ones.

That’s exactly what photography is.

If you devote your life to anything, let it be to finding this. It’s
unlikely that you’ll regret it.

It’s a fine life on board a ship but it can be a solitary one. We are
men together but we each stand alone.

You have influence. It may be over just a few people or it may be over
millions; only time will tell. Whether you want it or not, you’ve got
it, and what you do with it will change the course of history forever.

“keep it”

I spend most of every day thinking of more ways to step up my game and
take things to another level. To this day, I’ve never come up with an
easy way to do it. That’s okay because, if I did, it probably wouldn’t
be very valuable anyway. No, to be remarkable means to take risks over
and over again on difficult things that might not work. It means
stepping outside the comfort zone that contains most people, and
exposing yourself to danger.

S1:E8 Pride and Joy

The rules that exist are designed so that you can’t win. That’s not
unfair or wrong, that’s just how life is. Someday, when you win by
breaking those rules, you’ll set up your own. Don’t be surprised when
someone new decides to break them. This is the cycle of life.

it looks like heaven to me

Travel is fatal to xenophobia. The more you see of different people and
different places, the more you realize we’re all the same.



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